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Hot Fun In The Summertime

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Summer Is Here!

Summer Is Here!

Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer and cookouts with the sounds of the local radio station counting down the top 500 songs of all time can be heard in the background.  Many people go camping or to the lake for fishing or water skiing.  I grew up near a lake that had all of those activities and would watch the people pass by on their way as I worked at my dad’s gas station.  Many would stop by and fill up their cars and boats before stopping at the lake for various activities.

Another sure sign of summer’s arrival was the opening of the “greasy spoon” restaurant up the road from the lake.  Their menu had pizza burgers, pepper steak sandwiches, french fries, potato puffs (similar to kettle cooked chips) and a local specialty – the coffee stir.  I am getting hungry just thinking about the food they dished out!

I am sure you have similar experiences of summer time activities from your childhood.  Strangely, the lake was a big part of the summer even though I really did not spend much time there.  At this time of year, I usually have list of things I want to do every summer but so far I have not had time to think much about it.  I am looking forward to harvesting vegetables from my garden and making home-made salsa.  One item on my list now that I wrote this will be a visit to The Corral for a Pizza Burger.

 Have a great week enjoying the things of your past as summer 2013 kicks off.


Written by pacelinebiz

May 27, 2013 at 8:02 am

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