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Thirty Things To Like About April

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Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

This blog is the first one of April and I thought a good way to start off the month was to extol the virtues of the month of April.  There are many positives about the month.  It is the first full month of spring and trees are in bloom in most of the United States.  It is a month of renewal and optimism as the harsh winter weather is in the rear view mirror and longer days and warmer temperatures are soon to be upon us.  I have compiled a list of things that April has going for it.

1)      The month begins with April fool’s day and signals a sense of frivolity that is about to begin.

2)      Opening day of Baseball season rolls out throughout the United States.  Welcome back old friend.  

3)      The NCAA basketball tournament crowns it champion after the madness of March.

4)      Spring practice for some college football programs

5)      The NFL draft.

6)      In many areas of the country Prom season begins.

7)      Older brothers are born.

8)      Drive- in movies are a viable option on the weekends in the northern USA. Yes, some still exist.

9)      The first two weeks of April, Six Flags Over Georgia theme park opens 7 days a week for spring break.

10)   The Masters Golf tournament it is scheduled to end on the second Sunday in April every year

11)   Planting a vegetable garden in the south if not done in March.

12)   Confidently putting away the snow shovel in the Snow Belt (on the last day of the month).

13)   Maple syrup festivals.

14)   Cherry Blossoms that bloom – one thing we can all like about our Nation’s capital.

15)   Tax filings are done for most of us.

16)   We don’t need much heat or air conditioning which means you can buy your sweetie a special gift.

17)   Having a special dinner with family on Easter Sunday which usually falls in April.

18)   Candy from Easter baskets, especially enjoyable is devouring the Chocolate rabbit –ears first.

19)   Walks in the afternoon sun so enjoyable after winter.

20)   Playing the first round of golf after work and finishing all 9 holes before dark.

21)   The lush green grass from the warmer temperatures and ample rainfall.

22)   Cleaning out the garage and washing the cars all the while getting the first tan or sunburn of the year.

23)   Scraping ice off of your car window is finally over.

24)   Redesigning your landscaping around the house with a few new plants or shrubs.

25)   Younger sisters are born.

26)   In Georgia, sipping sweet tea on the deck while watching the sunset.

27)   Crocus, Daffodils, Hyacinths, Tulips and other spring flowers that bloom throughout the USA in April.

28)   Fly a kite – I know March is traditionally the month for kite flying but it is much warmer in April.

29)   Fire up the grill while enjoying a beverage especially up north it is nice to grill after a long winter.

30)   It hath thirty days which is a nice round number and a perfect place to end.

 Have a great week and month things are looking up – it’s April!


Written by pacelinebiz

April 1, 2013 at 8:05 am

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