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Business Lesson Confirmed At Local Eatery

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No Coke, Pepsi

No Coke, Pepsi

I was eating a restaurant recently and was served a ton of food, as was my wife.  This is a fairly common practice in the dining industry.  I am sure you can name a few restaurants that are known for their large portion sizes with diners carrying out Styrofoam encased leftovers.  As my wife and I had lunch the next day on the ample leftovers, we were discussing our dining experience. During the discussion, it occurred to me that the restaurant was using a good sales tactic. Serving large portions (at the commensurate large price) is using one of the tactics I wrote about in my blog Ways To Increase Sales In 2010.

In that blog I spoke of 4 ways to increase sales.  For review I have listed them below:

1)      Increase frequency of the transactions

2)      Increase the number of the transactions

3)      Increase the value of each transaction

4)      Increase the price of the transactions

In a subtle way the restaurant has increased the value of the transaction.  Whether you realize it or not; when you go to the restaurant that has large portions sizes along with a higher price they are not just selling you dinner, they are selling you tomorrow’s lunch too.  They magically combined two transactions into one and you are actually happy about it.   How many times do you glowingly tell a friend about the place by saying; “they really feed you at…”? 

The next time you go to your favorite place with the large portions, remember that a real life business lesson is playing out before your very eyes.  The trick is to use one of the 4 ways to increase sales in your business.  Think about it over dinner and get and get back to me.  Perhaps you can mull it over at dinner at the place with the gigantic portions.

Have a great week determining your sales strategy for 2013.


Written by pacelinebiz

February 25, 2013 at 8:15 am

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