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Roman Numerals And The Super Bowl

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Time Is Running Out On Ye

Time Is Running Out On Ye

As I write this on January 14, 2013; the NFL is just under 3 weeks from crowning its champion.  This year it is Super Bowl XLVII.  In case you do not know your Roman Numerals that is 47.   I wonder do they still spend a day or two in third grade to go over this concept from thousands of years ago, if so, why?  I wonder when I was watching Super Bowl VI if it was necessary then for me to know Roman Numerals?  If it is still taught today, maybe it should be taught in history class instead of math class. 

Super Bowl VI was played on January 16th 1972 at Tulane Stadium and pitted the Dallas Cowboys against the upstart Miami Dolphins.  I call them the upstart Dolphins because they were an expansion team from the mid 1960’s and went on to have a perfect season by winning all seventeen of their games the following year.  Dallas won Super Bowl VI by XXI points, XXIV to III.   OK, I admit I am just being a little annoying but I think I proved my point.

I wonder if it is time to stop the Roman Numeral era as it relates to the NFL? Perhaps they will call it quits at L?  I really can’t think of much usage for Roman Numerals other than time pieces and Led Zeppelin albums and I am pretty sure there won’t be any more of those released soon.

Have a great week.  It should be; since it will be another year before you have to give much thought to Roman Numerals.


Written by pacelinebiz

February 4, 2013 at 8:11 am

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  1. I LIKE the Roman Numerals and hope that the NFL keeps up the good work. It’s a good thing that even in a sport as interesting – and as violent – as the NFL is, there’s still something about it that actually provokes an academic query from those who weren’t paying attention during this particular chapter of the math book. Even if it’s only once a year…

    De Lano Hull

    February 8, 2013 at 11:34 am

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