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Alertly Going Over The Hump

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Alert Level

I travel frequently on long distance trips and have discovered a strange relationship between the distance from my destination and my level of alertness.  There are some variables that can affect this such as the amount of sleep I had the night before, the number of hours before sunrise I began the trip, amount of coffee consumed during the trip and the need for a “comfort” break.  The amount of coffee consumed has a direct correlation with the need for comfort breaks but that can be discussed some other time.

The graph that can be seen above depicts the level of alertness and the distance from the destination.   There is an unexpected tendency to become more alert the closer you get to the destination but this only seems to begin after you have reached the midway point for your trip.  I suspect this is because at the half way point there is a feeling of having a tailwind since you have gone over the hump so to speak.  As you can see by the shape of the graph, the hump is quite readily apparent. 

I have simplified the graph for our discussion by eliminating spikes in the alertness level that can be attributed to the sudden unwelcomed appearance of a deer, waking up in a cornfield after going off the road while nodding off, the desperate need for a comfort break after guzzling coffee and the sudden urge to strangle the moronic caller from “Five Points” on the syndicated talk radio show.

I hope you can use this information to your advantage when planning your next long trip.  Have a great week, fully alert no matter where you are.


Written by pacelinebiz

January 21, 2013 at 8:27 am

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