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Good Enough Is Not Always Good Enough

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Every once In a while you get a pleasant surprise that helps motivate you and today (as I am writing this)  that happened to me and of course I had to write about it.  I was at a business function and the lunch speaker was very entertaining and spoke about the key to winning versus losing was the ability to recover from adversity.  Another very simple thing that he said was to get up with the attitude of winning today not just treading water or holding on.

That was the one thing that really hit home for me.  It made me think that if my attitude was telling me to be happy to just make it through the day then I was probably going to meet that goal.  Why should I be happy with that as a goal?  The fact is I should not be.  If you set your sights on an achievable goal you are sure to hit it but how will that make you a winner? 

The message I am sending is aim high and if you miss the mark you will be better off than treading water.  This is very simple but sometimes simple things make all the difference.  We all get stuck in ruts but if we can develop a habit of getting out of bed thinking like an athlete striving for a win then we will lift our performance to higher level.   If we are just a fraction of a percentage better every day then over the long haul we will be far better.  Going for the gold we may have to settle for silver or bronze but that is better than being happy by just being in the race.

Go out and win one today.  Not for the Gipper but for yourself.  Have a winning week.


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December 3, 2012 at 8:59 am

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