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Rust Never Sleeps

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Yes, we can even learn a business lesson from Neil Young.  Rust Never Sleeps was the name of a live Album he released in 1979. I wore that thing out in College and even for a few years after when I copied it to cassette.  I think I still have that cassette but no longer have a cassette player that works. 

I have no idea what he meant by that phrase but over the years I have used it for motivation.  I was thinking about what that title means to me recently while riding my bike on the first cool, overcast and blustery day this fall.  I used that phrase in the early 90’s to get out and ride my bike in less than desirable weather to stay ahead of the competition.  Back then I reminded myself that the competition was always getting younger while I would always continue to age.  I also reminded myself that someone was out riding, staying in shape getting ready to put me further back in the pack.

Now, I apply the lesson to my business and it means that I must continually be looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition by trying harder and with innovative thinking.  I don’t mean to say that there is never a time to relax and rest or to take a vacation.  I think as a business owner you must always have the wheels running in the background – even when on vacation or on the weekend.  Some of my best ideas come to me when I am “zoning out” on a bicycle ride.  I would call this passive work performance.  I think it might be due to relaxing and blocking out other recurring issues while not really thinking about anything specifically.  It is kind of like letting your mind, which I believe is like a muscle, work without impediments just like a golfer who nails a perfect drive under the most pressure because he lets the muscles repeat the action they have done thousands of times before on the range.   

However you do it, I suggest you learn the lesson and remind yourself that Rust Never Sleeps.  When you are tired and don’t feel like going to another after-hours business mixer you better think before staying home.  Before mailing it in someday when you are working for a client, remind yourself that you can’t be satisfied with good enough. 

Have a great week and remember; a rolling stone gathers no moss.  Wait, I was talking about Neil Young not the Rolling Stones…


Written by pacelinebiz

November 12, 2012 at 9:10 am

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