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Are You Prepared?

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In case of emergency – what?

Many small businesses are run by one person, even ones with as many as 50 employees.  If you are a business that fits that description, do you have an emergency plan in place if you are not able to run it for a while?  I am not talking about if you are incapacitated for a long period of time.  You need to think about that as well but what about the more likely chance that you are out-of-town for a few days and unable to return.  What if you are in a remote location in Canada without cell phone access or internet connection and an important decision needs to be made or a check needs to be written?  Do you have a trusted advisor that you have authorized to sign a check?  You can always sign a few blank checks before you leave but that is not a solution I would recommend.   Read why in my August 16, 2010 blog about fraud issues by clicking here.

The main idea of today’s topic is to get you thinking about your individual situation and to put things in place in case you need to address a problem like this.  Chances are you have taken a vacation and had to address this problem.  Maybe you should take the vacation strategy one step further.  Even if you work out a plan that is less than adequate, that is better than no plan at all.  When you are thinking about who to use as an emergency back-up do not designate your spouse because they may be with you in that remote location in Canada.  If you have a senior member of your staff that would probably be the best choice as they should know a decent amount of the workings of the company.  If they do not, you need to re-consider your management style.   

What kinds of things could go wrong?  Consider this scenario; you are away for the weekend taking your child back to college across the state and there is a weather event that makes roads impassable and strands you there as well as downing phone and power lines.    I can think of snow storms causing that but ice storms in the southern parts of the country are pretty nasty too.  What if conditions are fine and dandy several hundred miles back at the company and they are open for business?   There are many other types of events that can leave you out of touch for a few days, so take action now.

Have a great week preparing to close a gap in your risk management plan.



Written by pacelinebiz

October 15, 2012 at 9:06 am

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  1. Great reminder that we should be prepared for all types of contingencies!

    Skip Parr

    October 17, 2012 at 3:02 pm

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