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Business Lessons From… A Five Year Old

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Let Me Tell You Something Old Timer

I recently had an experience with a youngster that reminded me how to sell my services the smart way.  I was at an Apple store while my wife was looking to upgrade to a newer version of the iPad.  As I patiently waited, I saw a young child of about 5 years of age in the store.  He was using an iPad and I asked him if he liked the iPad because he could go to the internet and play games and listen to his music.  He replied in 5 year old speak “I like my iPad because I can see my mommy on Skype when I miss her!”   When I first heard this, I thought how cute and how tech savvy kids are these days.  After letting that set in a few days it hit me that the kid must be a sales genius without knowing it.  He stated what the benefits of having a new iPad were so convincingly.  He didn’t tell me about the features – you can play games and music on it, he told me in a very emotionally charged way he can see his mommy when he misses her with this product.  What approach makes YOU want to buy and iPad?  Incidentally, I think he must have had the iPad 2 or the newest iPad since the original iPad does not have a camera.

I assume the reason this lesson “bubbled up” after a few days is because I have been working on my marketing efforts and reviewed my profile of services offering to a group that serves as my informal board of directors and was told to go back and try again.  They did not say that in as many words but they were reminding me to focus my message in a way that would most likely engage a customer.   I was using phrases like CFO services.  They asked me what are CFO services and I realized if they had to ask I am not doing my job of communicating my messageIdentifying and interpreting trends as opportunities or threats sounds more descriptive and is a benefit my services offer not a feature.  

What can you learn from this?  Hopefully you can take some time and reshape the message you are sending so you can maximize your marketing efforts and increase your conversion rate.  To put it a better way, sell the benefits of your product or service now and see your bank account grow later as you check your balance on-line from a cruise ship. 

What is a more compelling case for you to use a pest service?

  1. My product lasts 90 days and is environmentally safe
  2. Your 5 year old won’t wake up with bugs in their bed with XYZ Company.  We help you sleep peacefully knowing the only unwanted visitors you get are the in-laws.

Have a great week, modifying your message.  I need to start making changes to my web site.


Written by pacelinebiz

September 17, 2012 at 9:11 am

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