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I’m Back!

Today I want to talk about things that are the opposite of a fad.  For some reason I seem to be very fad averse. I have always been that way.  When people were wearing Levi’s in the 1970’s I wanted JC Penney plain pockets jeans.  I also admit that I prefer not to pay for what someone else tells me is “cool”, “hot”, “fresh” or “the bomb”.  I am not an early adopter of technology and still do not have a flat screen Television.  Yes, I said television.  Read more about that rant here.   It seems to me that the price to pay for leading edge of technology is more correctly described as the “bleeding edge” because it is going to cost an arm and a leg or a pound of flesh and somehow that sounds bloody to me.

I prefer my fashion to be on the classic side.  I like things such as:

  • A blue blazer, a white shirt, chinos and penny loafers.
  • I like my jeans with a straight leg but not “skinny jeans” or bell bottoms either.  I suffered through bell bottom jeans in the 1970’s and liked them at first but quickly grew tired of them.
  • I will never pay more than $100 for athletic shoes that will not be used for their intended purpose.  If I am in the NBA then I will fork over the big bucks for Air Jordan’s or whatever is in style now, until then forget it.  Based on my age, height and inability to dribble a basketball, I will not have to ever worry about playing in the NBA.  A nice cross training shoe will work for me.  I can use it to power walk in the winter for exercise and to navigate the grocery store aisles.  I also actually tie my shoes but that is a story for another day.
  • I don’t own and never will own a wide, white belt.  Yes, I actually like sweater vests!
  • Getting back to blue jeans, I wear mine at my waistline as defined as about an inch below my belly button.  I don’t wear hip huggers nor do I let them droop.  I will admit I have some pants that I wear that do sag but I did not buy them that way on purpose.  I (fortunately) “downsized” and wear them around the house doing yard work.

Have a great week.


Written by pacelinebiz

August 27, 2012 at 9:20 am

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