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Rabbits 1 Flowers 1 Game In Progress…

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When we last saw the devastation playing out on the field of play, the Rabbits took a seemingly insurmountable advantage over the vegetation.  However, it is only a short month later and we see a comeback being mounted by the brutally beaten back flowers.  I am very happy to report that barring another barrage by the bunnies we may have a huge reversal of fortune by the flowers dotting my landscape.  See the photographic evidence at the end of the blog that clearly shows that things are looking up for the faithful followers of the flowers.

In other rabbit related reportage, I can tell you that my garden is also doing quite well despite the late start.  We planted cucumbers and green beans from seeds and they are up and doing quite well and the tomatoes and peppers are thriving despite some brutal heat in the low 100’s.  I am looking forward to harvesting the tomatoes around the end of August as I got a variety that produces in about 50 days.   I will keep you posted on how things go – see the garden’s progress as of July 9th below. 

July 9th progress

Have a great week and learn a lesson from the flowers.  Never give up.  It is not over until it’s over!   Enjoy some photos of progress made below.

Coreposis returning

Coneflower comeback


Written by pacelinebiz

July 16, 2012 at 8:23 am

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