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Peanut Butter And Jelly And Other Great Combinations

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A winning combination

The world we live in today is changing and I believe we are going through many changes that are as significant as the industrial revolution.  Even the changes that were brought about by the computerization of businesses due to the affordability of the desktop computer are not as significant or as rapid as what is going on now.  Social media and the connectivity brought about by high speed internet have shrunken the world.  Brick and mortar may be a thing of the past for some businesses.  We need to understand this and be on the leading edge of this change so we can take advantage of it in our businesses.  This means telecommuting policies must be liberalized, use of office building space re-evaluated to maximize efficiency.  If you have a 2,500 square foot office that is used from 8 to 5 for five days a week, it is no longer acceptable to have that asset sit idle for most of the time.   I have listed a few examples below some creative thinking might have to take place to make it work, but it could be worth it:

  • A roller skating rink or gymnastics center by night, a day care service by day.
  • Public school during the week, college campus or trade school on Saturday – maybe tuition won’t be so high. 
  • Use public school space for day care or summer learning by for-profit businesses and use rental income to defray costs or pass savings on to tax payers.  It could be a win-win situation.
  • Breakfast and lunch restaurant operated by company ABC and a Dinner restaurant for company XYZ.  Inventory control could be interesting.
  • Two firms occupy one space at same time and share usage between first shift and second shift.  If it saves half the rent maybe it is worth it?  Or two firms can offer telecommuting half the time and share the space since they only need half as much space.
  • How about an ice cream shop in the warmer months a trendy hot beverage and soup place in the cooler months.  If you are on the hook for rent all year and can sublet it for even half price why not?  Who wouldn’t want a latte or hot chocolate to go with a stuffed pepper soup on a cold winter day?
  • How about a bakery that turns into a pizza shop for dinner hours?  The bakery is done by noon and the pizza shop closes by 11 PM; that leaves plenty of time for the transition if you design a streamlined process.  Read about an interesting pizza idea here.      

Perhaps these ideas would not all work but it is time to change the way we think.  Who would have thought that FaceBook would be worth 100 billion dollars? I would be interested in hearing your ideas for business combinations that could take advantage of cost sharing.

Have a great week finding the jelly to your peanut butter.


Written by pacelinebiz

April 30, 2012 at 10:05 am

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