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Coffee, Coffee Filters And The Cinnamon Girl

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This Is NOT The Cinnamon Girl

Today’s blog is a little bit of everything.  I will review a re-usable coffee filter I bought, describe my ideal cup of coffee and relate it all to the Neil Young song; Cinnamon Girl.  Coincidently, I refer to my lovely wife as the cinnamon girl because she likes cinnamon as much as I do.

The first order of business is to review my re-usable coffee filter.  I bought it last summer for about $3 and it is worthy of consideration to replace your regular paper filters.  I am not an environmental activist by any means but if it works and actually saves money as well as a tree or parts of one over its life then why not?  The filter can be found at a big box store or grocery store near you.  I probably make coffee 250 times a year and the paper filters come in a package of 200 for about $3 which is about what I paid for the re-usable one.  Based on that math my return on investment is about 9 and a half months.  I have one caution about the filter; it can leave coffee silt at the bottom of the coffee pot so you may want to consider that before pulling out the 3 singles to buy it.  If you are careful you can get most of the coffee out of the pot before the silt finds its way into the cup.

Now, let’s talk about my ideal cup of coffee.  (I am drinking one cup as I write this which has its dangers) I make my coffee with water from our dispenser on the refrigerator door, the store brand dark roast coffee (they call it Italian Roast) and decaf store brand coffee in an equal blend.  I drink about two-thirds of a pot per day when I am in the office so I need to do this to avoid excess caffeine.  Moderation in all things is a good thing.  I also add to my coffee a good shake of store brand ground cinnamon.  A good shake is about a half-teaspoon.  I don’t think you can go wrong with a bit too much or too little.  I have also used nutmeg when feeling especially daring but it tended to plug up the old paper filters so I have not tried it lately with the re-usable one.   I add store brand hazelnut creamer to my cup and some sweetener and I am good to go.  My coffee maker is a $24 Mister Coffee unit that has a timer on it as an extravagant add-on feature.  I use that feature in moderation like all else I do – lying for the sake of a good blog post is one example.  That is how I make my ideal cup of coffee and I will put it up against the best coffeehouse coffee you can find.

Finally, the business of Neil Young and the Cinnamon Girl.  I began calling her that six or seven years ago when a friend of mine commented that we liked cinnamon a lot.  The name has stuck ever since and whenever I call her that I always am reminded of the Neil Young song of the same name from his Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere album.  Yes, I said album since it came out in 1969 on vinyl.  That is how you write a 597 word blog in about 45 minutes about coffee and various other things.

Have a great week with a cup of coffee, your Cinnamon Girl/Guy and a Neil Young tune to make things interesting.


Written by pacelinebiz

April 9, 2012 at 10:05 am

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  1. that is a great song – now I am going to have it going through my head all day!


    April 9, 2012 at 10:30 am

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