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Summer 2012, Baseball And Your To Do List

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The Babe and Ted Williams

The photo above was taken by me when I visited the National Baseball Hall Of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.    What you are looking at is a wood carving and I am amazed at the skill of the person that did this.

Opening day for the Major league Baseball season is April 5th and the first night of baseball is on April 4th.  We are a little more than a week away from the start of baseball in the United States.  I for one am excited.  I am especially excited because my favorite team; the lowly Pittsburgh Pirates recently re-signed Andrew McCutcheon to a 6 year 51 million dollar contract. That signing shows a real commitment from ownership that the losing ways may be finally coming to an end.

The last time the Pittsburgh Pirates had a winning season was 1992.  George H.W. Bush was the President of the United States back then.  In case you are curious, listed below are the World Series winners since 1992:

1993      Toronto Blue Jays             2002        Anaheim Angels

1994      No game due to strike      2003        Florida Marlins

1995      Atlanta Braves                     2004       Boston Red Sox

1996      New York Yankees             2005       Chicago White Sox

1997      Florida Marlins                   2006       St. Louis Cardinals

1998      New York Yankees             2007       Boston Red Sox

1999      New York Yankees             2008       Philadelphia Phillies

2000     New York Yankees             2009       New York Yankees

2001      Arizona Diamondbacks   2010       San Francisco Giants

                                                                  2011        St. Louis Cardinals

This time of year is always a good one for me as the weather gets warmer and baseball season starts and there is hope.  Hope even for a Pittsburgh Pirate fan.  Maybe this year they will win more than they lose.  That is not too much to ask is it?  I for one am looking forward to baseball so I can watch games almost every night until November.  Almost every year I create a mental to do list for my summer activity wish list.  This year is no different.  A few items on that to do list:

  • Buy a new lawn mower that is self propelled to help me cut my hilly areas of my lawn.  I am not getting any younger.
  • Finally take that road trip to Alabama.  It has been delayed due to bad weather and general malaise this winter.
  • Go to Stone Mountain to see the massive carving.  It is many times larger than Mount Rushmore and I have yet to see it.  Traffic issues have dampened my enthusiasm to see it.
  • Paint my garage.   The walls need a fresh coat of bright paint.  I hate painting and will get much needed help from my wife who does most of our painting.
  • Watch a Pittsburgh Pirate playoff victory?  At least watch them live at Turner Field when they play a 4 game wrap-around series on April 27-30.

Have a great week.  Better weather and baseball season are soon to be here.


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