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More Definitions Not Found In Webster’s Dictionary.

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Webster's Dictionary

Last May I wrote a blog about this topic and it has been very popular – getting “hits” quite often.  In the spirit of all movie sequels out there, this week I figured why not try a sequel myself.  I run out of ideas too, just like Hollywood did in about 1982.

Streaming – usually used in the following context:  “The use of mobile devices to watch streaming content increased 55% in 2011”. This means to download and watch movies, television programs or live events on a cell phone, tablet or similar type device instead of watching it on a 55 inch flat panel hi-definition television with Dolby surround sound.  Sometimes this “streaming” occurs within a few feet of the aforementioned television.

Content – See above for use in a sentence.   Until recently, this was generically called entertainment.  For some reason it is now called content.

Mobile device – See above for use in a sentence.   This is what used to be called a cell phone, but can also be anything that has cellular phone or internet connectivity.  These new items have been grouped together but I don’t understand why my old car with a bag phone wasn’t called a mobile device.  Actually, a Winnebago is a mobile device as far as I am concerned.

Tablet – See above for use in a sentence.   This is also a new invention but my definition would be: a computer that does nothing productive.  I believe, when invented, it was designed for how most people use computers and stripped away things that were not used.  After these tablets were in circulation, people realized they could be useful in doing tasks at work so “apps” were created so they could use them for spreadsheets and for letters and other written correspondence.  This phenomenon reminds me of the days when personal computers were first “networked” and it was hailed as a brilliant idea.  IBM kind of thought it was just like the mainframe-“green screen” terminal concept they invented decades earlier.

I hope you enjoyed me poking fun at the world of technology.  I enjoy technology but also find some of the jargon and fads very funny surrounding the latest gadgets.

Have a great week and don’t forget that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.  Maybe you can buy your sweetie a mobile device so she can stream content on her new tablet.


Written by pacelinebiz

February 13, 2012 at 10:25 am

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