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Buy Local For Christmas 2011

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I wrote this on November 3rd, 2011 before I heard about the American Express “Small Business Saturday” campaign.  My idea came from purchasing client holiday gifts from several small business owners that I know who have great gift ideas for any time but also for the holidays. I try real hard to be original and then American Express ruins it for me!  🙂

 This year’s holiday shopping season is under way.  Black Friday has come and gone and the madness of holiday shopping has begun.  Why not try to keep it local and spend money made from materials produced in your area by a business in your area.  I have nothing against the big box stores but the small business owner is the one who supports other local businesses and gives to the little league, schools and charitable organizations.  They are your neighbors who employ you and your friends.  The money they get will most likely have the greatest chance of being spent in your local economy.  Maybe this year set aside a percentage of your holiday gift budget to specifically spend locally.  Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Old Fashioned, handmade soap for those with sensitive skin and a craving for fragrances other than Irish Spring or Dial. 
  • A bottle of locally produced wine from your area might be a nice idea for your friends who occasionally enjoy some wine – for medicinal purposes.
  • How about making a cork board for your friends with those wine corks you saved (from locally produced wine of course) – you did save them didn’t you?
  • Cheese made from a local dairy farm
  • A gift certificate to the notable restaurant in your town or the neighboring town
  • A handcrafted item from the local artisan – a rendering of a locally famous landmark on canvas or a wood carving or etching
  • A quilt or other comfort item to fight off the chilly winter evenings made by a local craft shop
  • Peanut or pecan brittle, chocolate fudge or some other divine sweet treat made in your county or nearby town
  • Tickets to the local theatre company
  • Buy a CD from the local musical group. I can attest that the local talent in your area will probably be very comparable to national acts without the all “drama”

This week is the first of my blogs that will focus on Holiday topics.   I will return to alternating between business and non-business topics in 2012.  Have a great week of shopping locally.


Written by pacelinebiz

November 28, 2011 at 11:15 am

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