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Mission Statements

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Don't call me stupid

I was recently at a conference out of town and the keynote speaker reminded us of the importance for a business to have a Mission Statement.  He gave an eloquent, passionate and well-reasoned speech and walked away from the podium to a hearty round of applause.   Everyone appeared to be clapping as I watched… and sat on my hands.

In his speech, he challenged everyone to go back to their office and write a Mission Statement for their business if they did not have one.  I didn’t wait to go back to the office to do mine.  I sent the following text message to a business associate about 30 seconds after he made that challenge:

“Mission Statements are stupid, judge me by my actions”

As a sole proprietor, I do not have a Mission Statement and have not officially adopted the one I wrote above on my web site, business card or other things associated with my business.  If you do have a Mission Statement please do not be offended.  I think they are a great idea – in theory.  In practice I think they are nothing more than fluff.  If you have a small business with a small number of employees you probably can successfully integrate it into your employees’ mind-set yourself.  In a much larger company it is an aspirational thought but I really doubt the ability for the company to pull it off. 

If you really believe in Missions Statements; then I challenge you to adopt the one I wrote.  At its core it says that you stand behind what you do and say and conduct business in a moral and ethical way.  Ultimately it is how you will be judged by people.  Decades of positive publicity and good will can be destroyed in an instant.  We have all seen a recent example of that.

Have a great week, living out your Mission Statement.


Written by pacelinebiz

November 21, 2011 at 11:13 am

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