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Coffee, Richie Hebner And The Doors

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Watching Over The Paceline Empire

The Pittsburgh Pirates are a professional baseball team – allegedly.  They have fallen on hard times since the 1992 season.  Since that season, which ended with Sid Bream sliding safely into home for the Atlanta Braves for a walk off win, they have not had a winning season.  I will do the math for you, that adds up to 19 years.   I grew up a Pirate fan and in the 70’s they were actually a very good team with World Championships in 1971 and 1979 and numerous division titles.  I have a very deep scar that has been lying open and festering as those years of futility approach 20.  Many things can aggravate that scar and the worst is when baseball is not on my mind.  The wound does not affect me much, even when watching a Pirate game.  I am able to contain it in a hidden place and watch and enjoy the game – even if they lose.  When I really have a stabbing pain from the trauma of the past 19 years is when I have to embrace it unexpectedly.  That just happened before I wrote this.  As any blogger will tell you, we are always looking for a topic to add to a blog post.

What happened?  A few weeks ago, I was minding my business preparing to take a self-study continuing education course for my CPA license and it happened.  The scar was opened up and salt was poured into it.  Actually, it was coffee.  I was working at my desk and I spilled a full cup of coffee all over my desk.  I scrambled to contain the spill as it slowly rolled over my desk onto papers and anything in its way like the waves down on the beach.  (Listen to the song Cars Hiss By My Window by the Doors by clicking here)  As I began my clean-up effort, I realized my prize possession was in danger of becoming soiled by the toxic coffee.  In its path was my Richie Hebner Bobblehead!  When I saw what was about to happen, the years of losing and the pain of the last 19 years boiled up as I screamed loudly; “No, not Richie!”  I was too late.  The defiling had taken place and I was dealing with the pain and complete hopelessness all over again.  Before I go any further let me explain that Richie Hebner was my favorite Pirate during my formative baseball years.  His playing days are a memory I have of the glory days.  Click here to see Richie’s modest stats. 

The damage was done; papers were turned brown and were sopping wet.  A magazine I had already read was in its path and was luckily serving as a levee against the flood of coffee.  My picture of my wife took a hit.  But worst of all (yes, worst of all and I know what you are thinking) the Hebner Bobblehead was swimming in the mess.  As I re-lived the horror of the past 19 years in my mind I also was berating myself for treating the Bobblehead so carelessly.  I got a towel and soaked up the worst of it and then got paper towels and cleaned everything up.  I took special care when cleaning up the soiled Hebner.  He took it like a man and kept smiling as he stood at attention with his bat in hand. 

There is usually some good that comes from a disaster of this magnitude and I must say this was no different.  My desk was really dusty and needed a good cleaning plus I got a blog post out of it.  After I took a few moments to survey my cleaned up desk I realized things were going to be OK.  The pain from my wound has lessened as I write this and I think the rest of the day will go well.  I need to get back to my Continuing Education. 

Have a great week.


Written by pacelinebiz

October 31, 2011 at 10:07 am

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