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Go Synthetic To Save Time And Money

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Go Synthetic

We all have busy schedules and need to squeeze as much out of a day as we can so we need to think of ways to maximize the productivity from what little time we have.  I am practicing good time management by writing this blog while waiting for an oil change.  That, in and of itself is a good idea but I also purchased the synthetic oil so I can travel at least 6,000 miles before I need another oil change.  By going twice as far between oil changes, it obviously means I save time by getting my oil changed half as often.  I also purchased a multi-pack of oil changes in advance at a quantity discount and my price paid is actually less than most regular oil changes.  By purchasing 5 synthetic oil changes for $275.00 my price is only $55.00 per change.  If your local quick oil change place does not have a deal like this, Wal Mart’s synthetic oil change is normally about $55.  By driving twice as far between using synthetic oil it reduces the equivalent cost to $27.50 per change.  In addition, synthetic oil is better for the engine and I get about 1 mile per gallon better fuel economy as an added bonus.  According to research, using synthetic oil also reduces exhaust emissions by about 20%. 

This may not seem like a big deal to you but my wife and I drive about 16,000 miles each year and that means I would have to get 10 oil changes per year using conventional oil.  Now, I only have to get 5 which conservatively saves me about 5 hours assuming it takes an hour from start to finish for each oil change.  I also timed my 5 pack purchase to when both cars needed an oil change so I am only prepaying for 3 which calculates as follows: 4 months before I need two more and another 4 months after that to use the remaining one I prepaid.   $165.00 (3 prepaid at $55.00 each) for 4 months and $55.00 ( the final oil change) for another 4 months does not add up to much lost interest in this zero interest rate environment.   My 5 hours of saved time far outweighs the interest I could have earned. 

The next time you are getting your oil changed, perhaps you can think about using the synthetic oil strategy to save you time.  You win, your car wins and the environment wins.  It actually pays when you Turn things on end to achieve results!

Have a great week, doing more with the free time you gained by using your time wisely.


Written by pacelinebiz

August 15, 2011 at 7:20 am

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