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Business lessons…from your dog?

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It's a dog's life

Lately my blog has been going to the dogs!    This summer I have had two blogs devoted to my adopted dog Jimmy Sad Eyes (can be found here and here) and a blog entitled It’s a dog eat dog world and now today’s blog.  What, you may ask can I learn from my dog that I can apply to my business.   Read on and find out. 

A dog is known for its loyalty and desire to please its master.  You need to take that and apply it to your customers by going all out to make them happy.  I frequently implore you to knock the socks off of your customers.

Certain dogs are known for their relentless pursuit of what they are tracking.  Hounds in general are known to be laser-focused on what has their attention and will go to the ends of the earth to attain it.   You need to be focused on achieving your goals in the same way.  Don’t get distracted by things that do not matter.  Work on first thing first.

Dogs are protectors of their owners.  You should also be looking at ways to protect your business interests by being properly and adequately insured.  You also should be following all laws, regulations and paying all required taxes. 

Dogs almost always have a positive attitude.   This is one attribute we all need to have as business owners.  Not only will it be seen by our customers as we interact with them, it can also be seen by our employees who will take our lead and they are many times the face of our company.

Dogs are very enthusiastic.  Remember how they greeted you at the door last night?  Even though it is an everyday occurrence they act like it is a new experience every day.  We can learn from the dog in this regard.  Let’s face it sometimes there is drudgery in our work but when we are with a customer we are on stage and have to give it our all whether we feel like it or not.   The next you are having a hard time showing the enthusiasm with a customer stop and put your game face on – the game face of that dog greeting its master at the door.

It might be the dog days of summer but don’t let that affect your business.  Have a great week.


Written by pacelinebiz

August 1, 2011 at 12:18 pm

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