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This Is Not Your Father’s Business Card…

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Call me to turn things on end

Recently I had to get new business cards and was surprised how much things have changed since the last time I got them several years ago.  My old cards were printed on regular card stock.  Now, cards with UV coating are very popular.  It is not enough to have the UV coating it is important to keep it to the front side only so when you hand it out the recipient can use the back side to take notes which doesn’t work well with UV coated cards.  Another popular thing is to add your social media information on your card as well.  No longer is having your website on your card adequate.  You should have your Facebook, twitter or blog on your card as well so you can have a multifaceted approach to reaching your customer.  If you add these to your card make sure you use them frequently so you can update and respond to them.  Unfortunately, for me I sent my cards to the printer without adding my blog to my cards.

Other ways to get our social media footprint expanded is to include your relevant information in your email footer and have links to your social media networks on your web page to maximize your ability to capture the largest audience.  I have recently seen LinkedIn addresses appearing on business cards so keep that in mind when getting new cards.  This strategy of cross marketing your business is the way things are done and you need to do it just to keep up with the competition.

A final word on this cross marketing strategy; it is all useless if you don’t deliver when the sale is made.  Don’t forget the basics – customer service.  Knock their socks off!  If you need reinforcement of this; click the link below to read my blog on the topic.

Back to the basics

Have a great week and a great Father’s Day.


Written by pacelinebiz

June 13, 2011 at 9:56 am

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