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School’s Out For Summer!

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No more pencils, no more books...

Even before Alice Cooper’s 1972 hit School’s Out, the last day of school for summer break was celebrated throughout the land with much gusto. I remember that song when it was released way back then and it was truly a great song to hear on the last day of school.  I can’t think of a better time for a kid than the last day of school and the 3 months of summer time fun that lies ahead.  Even Christmas can’t compete because it only lasts one day.   

What is the comparable feeling for an adult?  Is there one?  Perhaps the last day of high school or college has the same feeling but that is really a short lived feeling as the real world waits with deadlines, responsibilities and student loans to repay.  When the student loan is repaid there is not much time to celebrate because you now have a car payment and perhaps a 30 year mortgage.  The truth is; the utter joy that you experience on the last day of school is probably one of the happiest days you will have in your life.  The awesome thing about the last day of school is you have 13 of them beginning with kindergarten to your senior year in high school.

So what is there for us adults to revel in?  I am not sure I can suggest something that matches the last day of school but I have compiled a list of some exhilarating times for an adult.  Below in no particular order is a list of really great things for an adult to experience.  Youngsters out there may want to stop reading now because the list may seem boring and depressing. 

The list of fun things for an adult:

  • Waking up Saturday morning knowing you don’t have to cut the grass, wash the car, do the laundry or go grocery shopping or do any other mundane task normally reserved for the weekend.
  • Coming home to find that your spouse took care of a task for you – cut the grass, made dinner, did the laundry or whatever.  Talk about celebration!  That is like the get out of jail free card and worthy of a jump for joy.
  • Friday at 5 o’clock riding home from work on the cusp of a sun filled holiday weekend with the radio blaring like a young fool – perhaps old Alice screaming the words to School’s Out.
  • Getting to work and finding that someone brought in donuts and your favorite kind is sitting there waiting for you – looking sexy.
  • Catching all the lights green and rolling into your favorite restaurant with no waiting and a perfect table is ready for you.
  • Finding yourself all alone at home and watching the ballgame undisturbed with a cool refreshing beverage close at hand.
  • Going to the grocery store for a few items and no one is in the 20 items or less checkout lane when you are ready.
  • Checking in to your room at the all inclusive resort for a well deserved vacation.
  • Filing your taxes and finding out you’re getting a big, juicy refund.
  • Putting on your winter coat for the first time since last winter and finding a Twenty dollar bill in the pocket – woo hoo!

I hope you can experience a “School’s Out”  moment soon.  Have a great week, summer is here at last.


Written by pacelinebiz

June 6, 2011 at 10:31 am

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  1. Hey, I didn’t just ‘Like’ this, I loved it! The last day of grade school was the best feeling ever! I still remember it… riding the school bus with the window down, fresh warm air blowing my hair… we were the last ones left on the bus and as soon as we stepped down and our Keds hit the pavement—wooo-hoo! Three full months of freedom awaited! Sleeping in, playing outside all day, catching fire flies at night, hiking through the woods, week long visits to Grandma’s. Oh, what a glorious state of events! I can still conjour up the feeling, and the only time I’ve come close to it was on the last day of a tempoary job I held–I felt like a kid again! Thanks for refreshing the memory!


    September 19, 2011 at 6:01 pm

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