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Definitions Not Found In Webster’s Dictionary

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Webster's Dictionary

  • Inflation – According to humorist Sam Ewing it is “When you pay 15 dollars for the 10 dollar haircut you used to get for 5 dollars when you had hair”
  •  Business Insurance – taking a second baggie when walking the dog – in case his “business” doubles
  • The difference between depression and recession can be found with your GPS.  If it is located at your address it is a depression.
  • Bandwidth – this is generally thought to describe internet capacity.  Another definition can be the gradual increase in the size of the band over time (waist band).  Many people are affected by an increase in bandwidth which is not a good thing.  Even famous people have had struggles with bandwidth.  Have you seen Stevie Wonder lately?   He’s not so “Little” Stevie anymore.
  • Reform – taking something that is working improperly and (usually with government intervention) making it better by adding more regulation, cost, confusing double-speak terminology  and announcing it has been solved and will save trillions in 10 years.  See also: Boondoggle.
  • Cloud computing – this is thought to be an internet based computing solution.  I think of it along the same lines as creative accounting.  Using it in a sentence may help my definition of Cloud Computing.  Jim had a really aggressive budget for next year; I think his head was in the clouds when he did it.  He must have used cloud computing.
  • Large Carbon footprint – some would define this as the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by a person or organization.  I would define it as a dinosaur which had very large footprints and were a carbon based life form, which is what oil comes from, which creates greenhouse gases, which can be measured in terms of a carbon footprint, which … never mind
  • Radio  (if you are under 20 years old) – the thing that your parents talk about when discussing a music delivery system that they utilized to hear songs over airwaves on music stored on things called LP’s. Can sometimes be found in a car near the input jack for the MP3 player.  See also: Dinosaur

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May 2, 2011 at 5:26 pm

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