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Reaching The Finish Line

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Goal setting, whether done formally through documentation or informally with mental notes is done by most businesses.  I cannot imagine a single successful business that does not prepare goals in one form or another.  If not done, the business would be drifting aimlessly without a strategic direction.  At some point, a company without goals will fail unless they have a goal to chase. 

 My approach to goal setting is simple.  To start I always set a goal that is beyond what has been previously been achieved – that is the easy part.  The hard part comes in deciding how far I want to push myself.  Do I go for 10% improvement or 15%?   I also believe that your goal must be set high enough that if not reached you can be sure that you were pushed to do better than you would have done without a target.  

Whatever you do, the goal must be realistic so that those on your team will approach the challenge with a hunger in their belly and not with eyes rolling at a pipe dream.  Over the years, I have been involved in goals that have been a challenge but were attainable and in goals that I felt were in need of a magic wand to succeed.   When I was involved in a goal that was set too high, it challenged my professionalism to stick with it and inevitably I only continued by half-heartedly going through the motions.    Again, I stress that the goal setting must have all involved taking ownership of their piece of the plan.  If one person does not buy in 100% to the plan, then they will be the weak link in your chain and very likely will be where you will fail.  As is the case throughout business, goal setting is all about people truly working as a team.  At the start, if you have your team fired up and behind the goal then your chance for success is greatly improved.

Finally, remember that if the business environment has changed, perhaps reaching a goal of previous attainment is the most that you can do.  If the economy is extremely sluggish and other companies are down sizing, holding the line and remaining at last year sales volume is a great accomplishment.  In some cases, even a goal that is below previous levels of success may be the most realistic goal. 

Have a great week achieving results by using the proper goal setting process.


Written by pacelinebiz

April 11, 2011 at 8:32 am

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