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A Perfect Dining Experience

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We all look forward to going out to our favorite restaurant for a nice meal.  Every once in a while we hit a home run with our choice for food, beverage, dining companions and similar frame of mind.  When we do, it is usually a night to remember.  I will recount one such experience from several years ago that still ranks as a fond memory. 

 I don’t recall the exact occasion and I believe there was no special purpose for dining out that night.  No anniversary, birthday or other milestone to mark – just a night out with good friends.  We went to an Italian restaurant that night.  It began with an appetizer of warm crusty bread and seasoned olive oil. The conversation and laughs flowed easily as the salad arrived right on time.  

While we were finishing our salads and bread, the main course arrived.  I remember the aroma floating in my direction and confirming my choice.  I ordered a simply prepared dish of pasta with sausage. I nodded with anticipation as the waiter shaved some cheese over my plate.  Earlier we had ordered a bottle of wine to share with the meal and it seemed to be in everyone’s sweet spot, matching nicely for what we were all eating. 

The evening gently wore on as we talked between bites of food, sips of wine and more soft laughter.  Even as it was unfolding, I knew this night was special.  Individually, the food, wine and atmosphere were all good that night but not the best I’ve ever experienced. It was just the right combination of all factors that made the totality of the experience sublime.  As we waited at the table to pay for our meal, we quietly sat as a glow was enveloping us in a warm blanket.  As I sat, I felt the same deep, calm that washes over you right before you have your last conscious thought before falling asleep.  You can’t buy that anywhere and it can’t be re-created.  All you can do if you are lucky is recognize the moment and ride the wave for all it is worth. 

Have a great week.  Bon appétit my friends.


Written by pacelinebiz

April 4, 2011 at 3:24 pm

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