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Win-Win is for winners!

In order to work most effectively, you must be efficient in what you do.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of time wasted due to behavioral problems in the workplace.  I am specifically talking about aggressiveness or passive-aggressive behavior.  These types of behaviors lead to all sorts of unproductive activities such as misunderstandings, dealing with hurt feelings, bullying and emotional outbursts. 

Aggressive behavior is a “my way or the highway approach” or a “me-win you lose” philosophy.  Passive aggressive behavior is saying yes but sabotaging through inaction or uncooperativeness due to the inability to share true feelings.  In the end, this is not a way to run a business or your personal life.

Assertive behavior on the other hand looks for a win-win approach.  It is standing up for your beliefs or opinions while not disrespecting the other viewpoint in a non emotional manner.  Assertive behavior looks for solutions to problems and is not about keeping score of the winners and losers.  It cuts to the chase to negotiate the best result for all parties.  In my blog posted on February 7, 2011 I was using songs to describe my life and one the songs I chose was People Are Strange.  I think passive-aggressive, aggressive and other dysfunctional behaviors are what I had in mind when talking about dealing with irrational and illogical people.  Why can’t people be assertive without hidden agendas so we can get to the business of Turning Things On End To Achieve Results?

There is good news.  If you act in an assertive manner you alone can diffuse the aggressive person and calm him or her down and get them working towards a win-win.  In the same way, you can also take the person who is shy and unwilling to express their feelings and assure them through your non-confrontational approach that you will respect their opinion which will make them more likely to contribute to the solution. 

This week, let’s all work on being assertive and focus on a win-win solution.


Written by pacelinebiz

March 28, 2011 at 4:59 pm

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