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Thinking outside the box and a rental car surprise

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 Due to a snow storm in Cleveland last week I was faced with a problem.  I needed a ride back home from the airport.  I flew out of Pittsburgh and my wife was flying out of Cleveland and she was scheduled to meet me at the Atlanta airport as both of our flights were scheduled to land at 9:05 PM Friday night.  We drove to the airport together and she had the keys to the car and I left mine at home.  As I was sitting in the Pittsburgh airport I began to assess my options which I thought were to either hire a cab back home or stay the night at a hotel and wait for her to arrive from snowbound Cleveland.  A cab was going to cost around $80 and a hotel about the same.  I did not like either option and I gave up for a while and let my subconscious mind work on the problem while I attended to a more important matter.  I had to feed my face. 

After eating a bad sandwich and a drinking good cup of coffee, my plan worked and I had an idea.   Why not check on a cheap rental car for the night to take me back home and then I could drive back Saturday and meet my wife at the airport.  After I return the rental car we could drive back home together just as we had planned.  Well, I fired up the Wi-Fi on my laptop and hit the information superhighway ready to problem solve.   Very quickly, in the comfort of the very same restaurant that served my bad sandwich I had procured an economy rental car with unlimited mileage for $33.23 plus the price of the gas used.  I clicked on the “make reservation” button and waited for my econo-box to save the day. 

After some delays in taking off and in finding a gate once we arrived, I ended up at the rental car counter, signed the paperwork and took off happy to be getting home for a reasonable price.  By the way, my econo-box turned out to be a shiny red V-8 powered Ford Mustang.  Woo hoo, I hit the jackpot!

The lesson learned was; it always pays to “Turn Things On End To Achieve Results!”

Hitting the jackpot

Have a great week.


Written by pacelinebiz

February 28, 2011 at 6:45 pm

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