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Does old man winter have you in a headlock?

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We are a long way from the end of winter and I am already tired of it.  It has been cold and snowy and it seems everyone around me is sick all the time.  I myself have been battling the flu for about 3 weeks.  I am getting ready to watch the College Football Championship game tonight and I am running behind schedule so I am going to give you 10 reasons why I prefer warm weather to wintry weather and turn on the game.

1)      You don’t have to shovel rain

2)      Flowers smell better than a slushy pile of salty snow

3)      Shorts and flip-flops are more relaxing than boots and scarves

4)      A cold beverage on a warm day is better than warm beverage on a cold day

5)      The barbecue grill is better than anything from a crock pot

6)      A baseball game and a hot dog at the ballpark is better than the BCS Championship on a cold January night

7)      A warm, gentle breeze is better than “wind chill”

8)      In the summer the vegetables are growing, in the winter it’s your waistline that’s growing

9)      The soft, silvery dew on the morning grass in the summer is much better than thick ice on your car’s windshield in the winter

10)   The air conditioner cools down the car much faster in the summer than the heater warms up the car in the winter

 Have a great week, even if it is in the middle of winter.


Written by pacelinebiz

January 10, 2011 at 7:44 pm

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