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What are YOU doing this Holiday season?

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Finding a winner

This week I will postpone our update on the healthcare reform to kickoff the holiday season.  Last December I focused on the Holiday season and it was well received by readers of my blog.  I will do the same this year.  I will try to fit in the health care update later in December.

Last Thanksgiving in My post “Over the river and through the woods…” I gave a list of things I thought most Americans would be doing for that Holiday.  Read that post by clicking here

This year my list will be a humorous musing about the Christmas Holiday season.

According to my unscientific research, during December:

11% of Americans will vow to do their shopping earlier

25% of Americans will injure themselves or damage their property rigging up the lights in icy, wind-blown conditions

32% of those injured rigging up the lights will vow to do their outdoor decorations earlier

44% of Americans will receive a gift they don’t want or need and 22% will re-gift the item

53% of Americans will eat too much and vow to stop overeating during the holidays

67% of Americans will shop on-line for at least one gift

73% of American men wrap gifts that look like a third grader wearing mittens did the wrapping

80% of Dentists (4 out of 5) recommend Trident to their patients that chew gum

83% of Americans chew gum

96% of people deny “re-gifting”

100% of this is list is nonsense

Have a great week and a wonderful start to the Holiday season. Be careful with those outdoor decorations!


Written by pacelinebiz

November 29, 2010 at 6:42 pm

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