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The Triumphant Chilean Mining Rescue

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Last Wednesday the final Chilean miner was safely rescued from the collapsed mine that held him and 32 of his co-workers for over 2 months.  We need more of these kinds of stories.   Too often, we hear bad news reported from various media outlets.  Negativity is the kind of thing that seems to achieve high ratings.  Congratulations to the miners and the various rescuers and organizations around the world that helped and lent support to the effort. 

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Last month I wrote about Lessons we can learn from the NFL (Click here for more)

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I believe there are many lessons to be learned from the triumphant Chilean mining rescue. Today I will focus on a few that stood out to me.

Lesson one – Managing expectations. 

Once the miners were found to be alive, the Chilean government stated it would be as long as late December before they could have them safely out of the mine.  In addition, once they were nearly in place to begin the rescue effort they set a much longer time line for recovery than what occurred.  They under promised and over delivered and looked like (and were) heroes in the process. This strategy is a fine line that must be navigated wisely.  A customer is always looking for fastest, cheapest and best so don’t lose a possible opportunity by sandbagging.  However, if that is not a concern and you can manage expectations without losing business do so and profit from it.

Lesson two – Leadership when the chips are down. 

 The foreman that was trapped with his crew rose to the challenge, kept the men together, and focused on survival.  I am sure he made mistakes during the ordeal but clearly had the respect of his men.  They honored him by letting him be the last man rescued.  It is easy to be the leader while things are going well but the real test comes during a crisis.  Ask yourself, have I been a leader during this economic crisis or have I let my customers, employees or shareholders down? 

 Lesson three – Taking advantage of a second chance. 

This lesson has yet to play out for the miners but what about you?  Are you ready “to do better next time”?  Start over now wherever you are and give yourself a second chance at doing it right – whatever it is.  Acknowledge mistakes, learn from them and move on to make a difference. 

 I am sure since the rescue was completed there have been hundreds or thousands of bloggers writing about this topic.  My hope is that we can learn from this and apply it to our lives and businesses.  Have a great week, start your second chance now.


Written by pacelinebiz

October 18, 2010 at 3:02 pm

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  1. Great blog,Doug.Well written.Thanks for sharing.

    Frank Whalen

    October 18, 2010 at 3:13 pm

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