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On April 26th, I blogged about the death of Old Man Winter and made a list of things I wanted do this summer.  Below is my list and a status report as we enter the last month of summer. 

  • Have a refreshing beverage on my patio after doing some relaxing yard work – DONE!
  • Grilling hot dogs and hamburgers after work – DONE (repeatedly)
  • Grilling a nice juicy steak on the weekend to pair with my favorite red wine – I still need to do this.  I have done both but not together.
  • Having a hot dog at the ball park with that good stadium mustard – maybe a few nachos too for good measure!  I had my hot dog but no nachos.
  • Going for a casual evening walk after dinner with my sweetie – DONE(repeatedly)
  • Stopping to smell the roses – I didn’t think I would get to this one and so far I have not.
  • Cutting the roses – DONE!
  • Golfing, poorly – DONE!
  • A 2 hour bike ride that leaves me with a warm, fuzzy, tired feeling – DONE (repeatedly)
  • Going to the wine festival in August – Going this Friday
  • Making a batch of sun tea – DONE, drinking some now.
  • Eating homemade strawberry pie – The strawberry season is over and I missed my pie.
  • Tending to my vegetable garden and eating beans, tomatoes, lettuce and peppers grown in my backyard Done, having beans tonight.
  • Getting that “look” for forgetting to put on sunscreen on that 2 hour bike ride – DONE (repeatedly)
  • Listening to live music played outdoors at a concert – I will get this one done when I go to the wine festival and listen to live jazz.
  • Playing corn-hole in the back yard with neighbors – Not done and my neighbors are moving this Friday.
  • Seeing my neighbors again after winter “hibernation” – This one is done but so far we have not been as social this summer.
  • Washing my salty car! – Done, 1 time.

 How are you doing on your summer to do list?  Take the time now before it is too late to enjoy the lazy crazy days of summer.  Have a great week and get to work on those summertime activities.


Written by pacelinebiz

August 2, 2010 at 5:39 pm

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