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What Zone are you in?

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What Zone are you in?  I am not talking about your time zone, your gardening zone, the strike zone or the Twilight Zone.  I am not even talking about being “in the Zone”.    Before I get into today’s brief topic allow me to give you some background on the seed from which this idea germinates. 

 I enjoy bicycle riding and have conservatively logged 50,000 miles since I began riding in 1989.  I racked up most of those miles in the 90’s when I averaged over 3,000 miles a year.  I hope to attain a lifetime total of 100,000 miles before I hang up my biking shorts forever.  I am counting on a lot of miles in my retirement years to get to that number.  In the pursuit of that lofty goal I need to ride on a regular basis and can’t afford a lot of down time due to weather or a malfunctioning derailleur.  Unfortunately, in every one’s life some rain must fall and mechanical breakdowns will occur.  I had one such mechanical failure last week and had to take my trusty bike into the shop. 

 Fear not dear reader, I do have a backup plan for these catastrophic occurrences.   It is called a back up bike.  What you do is get a bike for your spouse that you can also ride during those critical breakdowns. I happen to think it is a clever plan but I am hoping my lovely wife will not read this week’s blog and discover my secret.  After putting countless hours on the regular bike a switch to the back up takes some adjustments to get it fitting just right – especially when it is configured for a woman a couple inches shorter than you.   The handlebar must be reset to the correct height, the seat (or saddle as bike nerds like me call it) needs to tilted, raised or lowered moved forward or backward so that the back up fits like a comfortably worn shoe.  Once you have it dialed in, you can ride the different bike and you will be back where you want to be – your comfort zone.  Now, let’s finally get to this week’s topic.

 Just like a perfectly fitting bike, a business also needs to run like a well oiled machine to be successful.  Many times we hear that the comfort zone is a place you must get out of and I agree that complacency is a bad thing.  However, I caution you to be careful not to disrupt that smoothly running machine that is your business.  If you do, there will be some pain like sore muscles from a poorly fitting bike.  My advice to you is to take baby steps when getting out of your comfort zone.  Never wander too far from your core competency in search of extra revenues.  I also subscribe to the adage “if it’s not broke don’t fix it”.  A very extreme case of failure in this area is the New Coke disaster from the mid 1980’s.  If you are searching for ways to increase your revenues let me refer you to my blog on the topic which I posted in January.  It may give you an idea to get out of your comfort zone without a “New Coke” type disaster. I have placed a link to that blog on ways to increase sales below.  Have a great week.


Written by pacelinebiz

July 5, 2010 at 10:54 am

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