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After 34weeks the inevitable has happened.  I have found myself staring at a blank page without anything to say!  Fear not, I do have something to share with you this week.  Consider this a 2010 version of “The Best of Carson”. 

 The following is advice that I gave to a young man who asked for some general advice on how to approach life as an adult.  I am not sure they are really that profound but he thought they were pretty good.  So I will share them with you today.

 In no particular order.

  1.  Always spend more for quality because you will never regret it.
  2.  Find a job that you enjoy and you will never work a day again in your life.
  3.  Happy wife, happy life.
  4.  Set realistic goals and do your best, if you fail you probably did better than without setting goals.
  5.  Live on 80% of what you make save 10% give away 10%.
  6.  Never get the extended warranty.
  7.  Change your oil every 3,000 miles.
  8.  Take care of your teeth and they will take care of you.
  9.  Always try to cut your grass on Thursdays to minimize the days you need to cut your grass on the weekend.
  10.  Learn how to cook 10 things reasonably well.
  11.  It is always better to build bridges than burn them.
  12.  Learn how to sew a button on pants/shirt.
  13.  Know how to tie a necktie.
  14.  Play by the rules. They are probably for your benefit.
  15.  The poor man probably isn’t lazy and the rich man probably isn’t ripping you off.
  16.  Believe in God – Pascal’s Wager (look it up)
  17.  Only buy on credit cards what you can pay off when the bill arrives next month.
  18.  Acknowledge a person’s birthday with a note, card, e-mail etc. it sets you apart from the crowd. Most people don’t get recognized much and will appreciate it.
  19. Pick a hobby that you can enjoy the rest of your life.
  20.  Learn how to eat a well balanced diet and exercise regularly so you can achieve item 19.
  21.  Don’t let the “good” crowd out the “best” when making choices in your life.
  22.  Seek guidance from people you respect.
  23.  Have a mentor and be a mentor.
  24.  Be well versed in a variety of topics and interests.  Not just football to baseball but football to poetry. It helps with the opposite sex and in business and makes you a more interesting person.
  25.  Learn how to fix minor things around the house – unclog a sink, hang vinyl siding, change a faucet, put up shelves in closet/garage, change a light fixture, lay shingles etc.

 Have a good week!


Written by pacelinebiz

May 3, 2010 at 8:49 pm

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