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Telecommuting to the rescue!

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As I sit in my home office writing this; I have more affordable technology at my finger tips than was imaginable 10 years ago.  I have fast broadband internet access that enables me to work remotely on a client’s network sending and receiving massive files without a delay.  The internet connection I use in my office is provided by a $50 wireless router.  I can sit in a meeting via teleconference using Skype for free and a $50 web camera.  I can scan, print, copy and fax documents with an all-in-one device that was delivered to my door, tax included for less than $150. In addition, I have caller ID, voicemail, and unlimited long distance with digital phone from my cable provider.  I also have a 500 gigabyte USB storage device the size of a 3 X 5 index card that is a half inch thick which can fit into a shirt pocket.  That device automatically performs a backup on my laptop computer several times a day and it cost less than $100.  10 years ago that kind of storage was not practical for an individual.  In a recent blog, I announced a redesigned web site that I completed in several hours.  The web site costs less than $100 per year to maintain and comes with email accounts and plenty of storage.  As I mentioned, I also have a blog that I designed and is linked to my web site.  The software for the blog and web site was free and very easy to use.  I can sign up for Google Analytics to get statistics on my web site traffic – also a free service.  Some of the technology that I have and take for granted was not available to me 10 years ago when I was working for a division of a billion dollar publicly traded company!

 I also have the ability to use email marketing such as constant contact as many times as I want a year for less than the price of an advertisement in a medium sized newspaper.  I can start a fan page for my business on Facebook and use Twitter to keep my name in front of customers or potential customers – all for free.  In addition, businesses can now access resources over the internet for things like graphic design, accounting, payroll services, engineering, HR consulting and so on. 

 If I can do this, what about businesses that are larger that have many employees?  Of course they can.  The point I am trying to make has nothing to do with my fabulously equipped office or my technical skills. It is this: companies need to take the next logical step in the technological revolution and tear down the walls of the corporate office and embrace the concept of the virtual office.  If the new normal is a slower growth economy (sluggish sales) how can the bottom line grow?  I believe that eliminating large corporate offices is the answer.  Companies can reduce space to a smaller hub that is available to employees when face to face contact with other departments, staff members or customers is needed.  The benefits are not only in facilities costs but a huge quality of life improvement to workers who can work from home a significant amount of the time. 

 A happier employee can bring better productivity and less stress which also can lead to lower health care costs. The value to an organization of a happy and motivated work force is immeasurable.  In a recent Fortune magazine survey of the 100 best companies to work for, 84 of the 100 best had a telecommuting policy that allowed employees to work from home at least 20% of the time (that means 1 day per week).  See the link to the online article below:

 I know there are limitations for telecommuting, but company’s large and small need to consider embracing the concept.  The technology is now here and is very affordable and it is good for the bottom line and the employee.  In part two of this discussion I will talk about the types of businesses, job functions and people that are best suited for telecommuting.

Have a good week.


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March 1, 2010 at 8:27 pm

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  1. I loved this blog. My son in law is doing telecommuting full time and it sure does improve the quality of family life

    Kathy Murauskas

    March 2, 2010 at 9:29 am

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