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Happy New Year!

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This is my final blog post for the year 2009.  Next week I will return to a business topic but for this week another topic related to the holidays.  Let’s turn our attention to the New Year’s Holiday and think about some memorable New Year’s Eve’s and New Year’s Day’s. 

A few notable memories for me:

  • The first time I was allowed to stay up and watch the ball drop
  • December 31, 1999 waiting for the Y2k problems that never happened
  • New Year’s day 1977 when the University of Pittsburgh won the National Championship at the  Sugar Bowl 27-3 over Georgia
  • New Year’s night 1982 with another University of Pittsburgh win at the Sugar Bowl  24-20, again over Georgia
  • Growing up watching the parades and then football all day when the big 4 games were all still on New Year’s Day. 
  • The good food my mom cooked and all the cookies I ate!  I was a cookie monster, a trait my father passed on to me.
  • Watching Dick Clark every New Year’s Eve on ABC since the 1970’s and he is going to be on again this year.
  • Thinking how weird it was when we rang in the 1980’s.  It seemed to me my whole life happened in the 1970’s. Then thinking how fast we were ringing in the1990’s.
  • I am now thinking how fast the “ought’s” went by and how much happened in the decade.

 Feel free to add comments on your New Year’s memories I am sure I missed quite a few. 

 Next week I will share some ideas on how to increase sales.  That topic is very important during these difficult economic times we are facing. 

Happy New Year to all.


Written by pacelinebiz

December 29, 2009 at 8:10 pm

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