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Two Rock Star Uncles

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Before I begin this week’s topic I wanted to thank all of you that voted in the poll last week on the Outlook for the Economy in 2010.  The results as of today were as follows:

  • Off the bottom but early in recovery – 62%
  • Scraping along the bottom – 15%
  • Still going downhill – 8%
  •  recovering now, robust growth in a few months -8%
  • other – 8%

For this week’s topic and for the rest of the year let’s take a break from business and focus on fun stuff.  The economy, unemployment , inflation and other worries will be waiting for us in the New Year.

This week I want to share a brief recollection of a memorable Christmas that I had when my brother and I got “Walkie Talkies”.  It was a long time ago – I am unsure of the year but it was before 1970.  The best part of the Christmas was having our two Uncles at our house and they treated us to a “Walkie Talkie” adventure that captured our imagination all afternoon that cold and crisp day.  I suppose at the time they were in their early to mid 20’s and they were already our heroes in our eyes.   After that day, they were “Rock Stars”.  As adults , it was probably easy for them to entertain two young kids but I think the best aspect was how much fun we could  tell they had “playing” with their two nephews.  To top off the fantastic adventure, when we got back in the house we had hot chocolate waiting for us PLUS we still had all of our Christmas toys to play with!

Uncle Dan and Uncle Chuck I salute you.

Next week: More fun stuff.  I welcome all of your comments.


Written by pacelinebiz

December 7, 2009 at 9:51 pm

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