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Happy New Year!

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This is my final blog post for the year 2009.  Next week I will return to a business topic but for this week another topic related to the holidays.  Let’s turn our attention to the New Year’s Holiday and think about some memorable New Year’s Eve’s and New Year’s Day’s. 

A few notable memories for me:

  • The first time I was allowed to stay up and watch the ball drop
  • December 31, 1999 waiting for the Y2k problems that never happened
  • New Year’s day 1977 when the University of Pittsburgh won the National Championship at the  Sugar Bowl 27-3 over Georgia
  • New Year’s night 1982 with another University of Pittsburgh win at the Sugar Bowl  24-20, again over Georgia
  • Growing up watching the parades and then football all day when the big 4 games were all still on New Year’s Day. 
  • The good food my mom cooked and all the cookies I ate!  I was a cookie monster, a trait my father passed on to me.
  • Watching Dick Clark every New Year’s Eve on ABC since the 1970’s and he is going to be on again this year.
  • Thinking how weird it was when we rang in the 1980’s.  It seemed to me my whole life happened in the 1970’s. Then thinking how fast we were ringing in the1990’s.
  • I am now thinking how fast the “ought’s” went by and how much happened in the decade.

 Feel free to add comments on your New Year’s memories I am sure I missed quite a few. 

 Next week I will share some ideas on how to increase sales.  That topic is very important during these difficult economic times we are facing. 

Happy New Year to all.


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December 29, 2009 at 8:10 pm

Christmas Message revealed

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Merry Christmas everyone.

 I will reveal the answer to the special message so stop reading now if you want to try and solve the puzzle.  The message comes from the movie A Christmas Story.    In the movie, the main character Ralphie gets a special Orphan Annie decoder ring and is a little disappointed by the secret message at the end of the show.  Here it is…

Be Sure To Drink Your Ovaltine.  “A crummy commercial”, Ralphie says…

  1. First name of Inventor of bi-focal glasses  = Ben Franklin
  2. To send products to a foreign country  = Export
  3. Largest of the great lakes  =Superior
  4. President Grant  = Ulysses
  5. He had a hit in the 70’s with the No-No Song – Ringo Starr
  6. A. A. Milne’s Donkey  = Eeyore
  7. The Lone Ranger’s companion  = Tanto
  8. Eight armed mollusk  = Octopus
  9. Rat pack member, Mr. Martin  = Dean
  10. Disrespected comedian –  Dangerfield   = Rodney
  11. Answer # 8 squirts this as a defense mechanism  = Ink
  12. Ralph Kramden’s neighbor,  Ed  = Norton
  13. Jim Jones’ follower’s drank this  = Kool Aid
  14. Old faithful  is in this national park  = Yellowstone
  15. The Academy Award  = Oscar
  16. Tiny Tim played this as he tip toed  = Ukulele
  17. Capital of Italy = Rome
  18. Either University to play 2010 Rose Bowl  = Ohio state, Oregon
  19. University of Tennessee nickname  = Vols
  20. Oakland’s boys of summer  = Athletics
  21. _________ purchase in 1803  = Louisiana
  22. The “Donald”  = Trump
  23. Land Of Lincoln  = Illinois
  24. Popular mid 60’s jacket named after Indian Prime Minister  = Nehru
  25. Dorothy’s Aunt  = Em

 Best wishes to all and a healthy and Happy New year too!

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December 25, 2009 at 2:23 pm

Special Christmas Message

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The big day is almost here and I wanted to send all of you a special message.  Of course I have to make this a little interesting so my message will have to be deciphered from clues I will provide.  To obtain the message take the first letter of every answer and write it down in sequence.  The message will be revealed by breaking the letters into separate words.  The inspiration of this message comes from one of my favorite Christmas Movies.  Let’s begin…

  1. First name of Inventor of bi-focal glasses  
  2. To send products to a foreign country
  3. Largest of the great lakes  
  4. President Grant
  5. He had a hit in the 70’s with the No-No Song
  6. A. A. Milne’s Donkey
  7. The Lone Ranger’s companion
  8. Eight armed mollusk
  9. Rat pack member, Mr. Martin  
  10. Disrespected comedian –  Dangerfield
  11. Answer # 8 squirts this as a defense mechanism
  12. Ralph Kramden’s neighbor,  Ed 
  13. Jim Jones’ follower’s drank this
  14. Old faithful  is in this national park
  15. The Academy Award 
  16. Tiny Tim played this as he tip toed 
  17. Capital of Italy
  18. Either University to play 2010 Rose Bowl 
  19. University of Tennessee nickname  
  20. Oakland’s boys of summer 
  21. _________ purchase in 1803
  22. The “Donald” 
  23. Land Of Lincoln
  24. Popular mid 60’s jacket named after Indian Prime Minister
  25. Dorothy’s Aunt 

I hope you enjoy your time off this holiday season and I wish you all the best in 2o10.

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December 21, 2009 at 11:29 pm

What’s the first sign of Christmas?

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We are hurtling closer to Christmas with only 11 days left before the big day as of this writing.  What is the trigger for you that marks the beginning of the Christmas season?  I offer a few items below perhaps these will be on your list or maybe you have your own ideas.

  • You have your first Christmas cookie
  • You make your first Christmas cookie
  • You see Rudolph, the Grinch, Charlie Brown and Frosty the Snowman specials
  • You buy your first present
  • You send your first card
  • You get your first card
  • You put up the tree
  • You utter your first curse word while putting up the icicle lights
  • You wrap your first present
  • The first significant snow fall after Thanksgiving
  • The first Christmas song hear you hear on the radio
  • A general uptick in the rudeness of Wal-Mart cashiers
  • Seasonal specialties begin to appear in the grocery store like: fruitcake, egg nog, Christmas Ale and stuff from Hickory Farms.
  • Memories of creepy crawlers, lite brite and easy bake ovens come flooding back to you while day dreaming at work
  • The friendly staff at the corner Christmas tree makes their annual appearance
  • Black Friday ads

Believe it or not, next week is Christmas week.  Get busy shopping or you might be buying your last gift (a 12 pack of gum at the mini mart) on Christmas Eve.  Have a good week.

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December 13, 2009 at 11:10 pm

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Two Rock Star Uncles

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Before I begin this week’s topic I wanted to thank all of you that voted in the poll last week on the Outlook for the Economy in 2010.  The results as of today were as follows:

  • Off the bottom but early in recovery – 62%
  • Scraping along the bottom – 15%
  • Still going downhill – 8%
  •  recovering now, robust growth in a few months -8%
  • other – 8%

For this week’s topic and for the rest of the year let’s take a break from business and focus on fun stuff.  The economy, unemployment , inflation and other worries will be waiting for us in the New Year.

This week I want to share a brief recollection of a memorable Christmas that I had when my brother and I got “Walkie Talkies”.  It was a long time ago – I am unsure of the year but it was before 1970.  The best part of the Christmas was having our two Uncles at our house and they treated us to a “Walkie Talkie” adventure that captured our imagination all afternoon that cold and crisp day.  I suppose at the time they were in their early to mid 20’s and they were already our heroes in our eyes.   After that day, they were “Rock Stars”.  As adults , it was probably easy for them to entertain two young kids but I think the best aspect was how much fun we could  tell they had “playing” with their two nephews.  To top off the fantastic adventure, when we got back in the house we had hot chocolate waiting for us PLUS we still had all of our Christmas toys to play with!

Uncle Dan and Uncle Chuck I salute you.

Next week: More fun stuff.  I welcome all of your comments.

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December 7, 2009 at 9:51 pm