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An incident occurred in the NFL on Sunday that is completely within the rules but is completely outside the boundaries of good sportsmanship.  It happened in the nationally televised game on Fox between the Giants and Cowboys on the last play of the game.  Many of you know what I am talking about.  It was the “ice the kicker play” that has become popular in recent years.  The strategy is for the coach to stand beside the referee and call a timeout literally at the last second before the ball is snapped.   This is supposed to make the field goal kicker think about the kick a little longer in the hope that he will become unnerved and miss the kick.  Usually when this is done, the ball is snapped and the kick is attempted before the referee can stop the action. 

I absolutely hate this practice and hope it is modified in some way to restore some class to the unofficial national past time that is the NFL.  This practice is the equivalent of purposely coughing in someone’s backswing on the golf course.  It is childish and it must stop.  This is not an attack on the coach in Sunday’s game as most teams have employed this strategy.  My wrath is directed at those in charge at the top of the NFL.  This is the same league that has a fine for a player not pulling up his socks or having an un-tucked jersey.  It is the same league that has a personal conduct policy for players.  It seems as though the NFL can’t win as the players are always ahead of the rule makers.  There are rules on celebrations, taking off your helmet, and using the football as a prop for goodness sake!  How can the league sanction the “ice the kicker” behavior but disallow celebrations? 

It seems as though they need to simplify things.  Just as we have enacted laws against texting while driving which are unnecessary, the NFL has defined actions which qualify as a penalty.  Why add a law for texting while driving when there is already a law against reckless driving and why add a penalty for using the ball as a prop when there is already unsportsmanlike conduct?  Why not let the referees make that judgment call – that is what they do.   If all behaviors were at risk of drawing a flag perhaps the players would think twice about making a foolish display.  I ask you, what has happened to sportsmanship and have we gone beyond the point of no return?

Next week it’s back to business with the first in a series of  posts on the topic of Inflation.


Written by pacelinebiz

September 21, 2009 at 9:26 pm

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